Nanuk – The Family Song

Nanuk, Nottinghamshire-based singer-songwriter, has released his first single of 2020, and it is a special one. Titled ‘The Family Song’, it presents extremely heart-warming and relatable subject matter, especially in a year where many different families have been torn apart for various reasons. 

‘The Family Song’ is short, simple, but sweet. Consisting of Nanuk’s gorgeous vocals, reminiscent of Ray LaMontagne, and repetitive, acoustic guitar arpeggios, there is really nothing to criticise. The song’s poignancy extends beyond the vocals and into the lyrics themselves, where Nanuk expresses beautifully, “sometimes we scream and shout, makes me angry / but I’ll love them ‘til the day that I die”. 

As Nanuk himself says, “in a world full of trends and chasing the next big thing. Sometimes it’s best to just take a step back, be honest and be yourself”. This is crystal clear in ‘The Family Song’, where the subject matter reflects inspiration from his own familial relationships, in a raw and honest manner. This single is a wonderful sign for what we can expect from Nanuk next year. Have a listen below!

Words by Georgie Holmes

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