2in1: John Wallace Wheatley & Marquis Drive

John Wallace Wheatley – Neurotic Dancer

Just seeing the title of John Wallace Wheatley’s new release makes me feel this song was written about me. ‘Neurotic Dancer’ is a catchy indie pop song built around soothing harmonies that could have just been taken from a musical about the fear of judgment from others. It is a soulful pop track with nods to Hall & Oates, The Knack and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. ‘Neurotic Dancer’ has a strong structure, an empowering message and is a ray of sunshine in its entirety.

Marquis Drive – Spaceman

“Everybody loves a spaceman!” I’ve been singing this along to Marquis Drive ever since I first laid ears on their latest single. It’s a tune, there’s hardly another word to describe the sound of the Cannock-based pop rock outfit. Commercial, and simple, too, but there’s a reason those songs work so well. It is hard to ignore a sound that is infectious and a chorus that is so easy to remember. If you dare to give Marquis Drive positive vibe a try, I promise you it will be stuck in your head for a very long time!

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