1.0.8. – Life Express

The intro of 1.0.8.’s new single had me a little confused, curious… As soon as the beat speeds up and the vocals slowly blow up into grand and passionate yet nearly spoken vocals, the song wins in volume and power. ‘Life Express’ has a great build up that keeps building throughout the single and ends in a casually classy song that could have been part of a musical. The vocals of Andrew are dark with a gentle edge and lead us through the wooded forest that is ‘Life Express’s experimental and riff-filled soundscape!

It is the first release of the upcoming album and in many ways, stands out from the crowd. Both album and single celebrate chaos, madness and excitement of a life lived well, “Holding on as the clock quietly ticks.”. Its message having been translated into song so well, makes one wonder where 1.0.8. had been hiding! What I know is that I want more of the uplifting and eccentric sound of 1.0.8. and hopefully that’s exactly what the album will bring.

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