Sophie and the Giants – Right Now (video)

Alternative pop up and comers Sophie and the Giants are back with the release of single and video ‘Right Now’. It’s a grand and catchy sound, with sparkling vocals and a passion and energy a la YONAKA but a little poppier. The new single is an empowering and energising slice of electro pop with a dose of infectious hooks and an easy to singalong to chorus! “The song is a defiant ode to the good times we all miss and know will come again, an unbridled expression of joy and freedom designed to bring some joy into people’s lives.”

Admittedly ‘Right Now’ is not the alternative style of music we would usually listen to, it’s a simple pop song that’s taken all the ingredients to create a commercial success, yet there’s a reason these types of songs are successful and it is hard to ignore the fact the Sophie and the Giants have created a powerful sound! Once live music is allowed again, you may sign me up to see this power outfit live!

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