Gaspar Sanz – You Can Be Somebody To Love

Lockdown hasn’t been the easiest. It’s hard to not focus on the positives, but sometimes we should. Stuffed with that pre pandemic positivity we all need right now, Gaspar Sanz’s brand-new track does just that. The opening synths immediately set the stage for the bubbly and bouncy instrumental; it’s then followed by some incredible guitar work. The instrumentation and production on ‘You Can Be Somebody To Love’ is strong, immediately after my first listen I was whistling away to the core melody. It reminds me of indie from the 2000’s.

This was all thanks to the work by producer and mixer Jacknife Lee, known for his work with bands like The Killers, Two Door Cinema Club and Snow Patrol. I could definitely hear elements of those bands in the mix, and Lee’s touches are definitely the reason why this track feels very 2000s and nostalgic. The vocal performance is great. It’s quite gentle but still makes itself known to the listener and I think it blends itself well into the mix. If I had to really push myself to find a criticism with this fun tune, I’d have to say I wish the writing was a little more adventurous.

But saying that feels like a disservice to this track. The hook is incredibly catchy, and it radiates with some much-needed positivity. Gaspar Sanz’s newest track is great; it’s memorable, catchy and, most importantly, positive. It’s a familiar soundscape and nostalgic sound for those who grew up in the 2000s, all thanks to Jacknife Lee, and should not be slept on in 2021.

Words by Jake Anderson

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