Post Profit – When You Think It’s Right

Alternative rock outfit Post Profit have returned with the release of third single ‘When You Think It’s Right’, it’s a powerful and ethereal single that will also make an appearance on the debut album. Their latest release is an open-minded story close to the band, talking of mistrust and broken expectations.

Fans of Royal Blood and Nothing But Thieves will be glad to hear the raw and riffing sound of Post Profit and enjoy their seemingly bottomless buckets of energy. The band is a breath of fresh air in the form of something catchy, alternative and rocking! The four-piece talk about the single and where its inspiration came from: “The song was originally about relationships platonic or romantic, but as 2020 would have it, the meaning evolved with the times. That mistrust could be against your own government, the authorities, or even other governments. Lyrically it’s pretty straight forward, but emotionally could be related to many different things.”

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