Crocodyle – Passenger Seat

Produced by Cage The Elephant’s Lincoln Parish, ‘Passenger Seat’ is Crocodyle‘s latest and wit-filled release. Garage rock trio Crocodyle have the unique ability to explain the inexplicable with their infectious rock sound. ‘Passenger Seat’ is coming with a video and was written and released for all special someone’s out there.

“Whoever makes you feel like the coolest version of yourself, whoever is the easiest to laugh with, whoever feels best by your side. It’s nice to have somebody who you know you can run to when nobody else makes sense, and ‘Passenger Seat’ is a rocker dedicated to whoever that is for you.”

The video for the single was filmed in and around Nashville and adds a personal touch to the single. The nice and rather fun short film adds an extra layer to the single and brings it to life while following a taxi driver around and seeing him daydream of his special someone. The single is the latest of the forthcoming EP, ‘Sharing a Twin Bed’, a collection of the bands’ adventures and experiences. Their wit-filled power pop rock is original, catchy and at all times surprising!

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