Georgia Salacuri – No Place To Hide

Last year saw the debut of Essex based singer Georgia Salacuri with her brilliant single ‘Nobody Knows’. I really enjoyed the R&B infused singer / songwriter tune, and it was one of my favourite independent songs of last year. Salacuri has returned in 2021 with her brand-new track ‘No Place To Hide’ – how does it compare? Not to spoil this review, but I really like this song.

‘No Place To Hide’ is more of what I would’ve wanted from a new Georgia Salacuri track and she’s really solidifying her style. Her vocal performance is lush; it’s one of the stand-out features of her tracks. On this tune, Salacuri ditches her more intimate delivery for something far more roaring – making her voice heard as Salacuri confidently sings the hook “No Place To Hide”. It’s a really catchy hook and I found myself singing along to it, but what about the rest of the writing?

The verses show Salacuri expressing her more vulnerable side; with the track feeling like it’s carrying the same emotions as ‘Nobody Knows’. The difference between ‘Nobody Knows’ and this track is that the writing feels a lot more mature here; it ultimately allowed me to relate to the internal battle Salacuri describes in the track a lot better.

But just talking about the fantastic vocals and writing is doing a disservice to Lorenz Okello-Osengor, the track’s producer. He has returned on the production end, after producing ‘Nobody Knows’, and his production is even stronger here. If you told me I had to describe the production of this track in 3 words, I’d probably say be refined, clean and crisp. Okello-Osengor is brilliant as the producer and complements Salacuri’s voice perfectly. The instrumental feels like it has depth. It bounces between these airy melodies to these bouncy and dense synths for the chorus. It gives the track a great amount of variation and constantly keeps the listener on their toes.

Salacuri and Okello-Osengor have proved themselves twice in a row. Okello-Osengor’s rich production fits perfectly with Salacuri’s beautiful vocals. Normally it takes a while of listening to an artist till I want a more fleshed out release like an EP, but these two are two for two – I really hope a release like that isn’t too far in the future.

Words by Jake Anderson

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