Anna Kathleen – Tonight

Something about the night has American singer-songwriter Anna Kathleen feeling reflective on her third single ‘Tonight’. The Ohio-based artist turns inward to think on her life, suspended in a moment with potentially infinite directions laid out before her. Her vulnerable lyrics, coupled with mellifluous vocals and thoughtful composition, refresh typical expectations of a song about youth and growing up, and prove a promising start to a young singer’s musical capabilities. ‘Tonight’ especially shines in its intelligent production, appealing for fans of the lyrical-compositional incongruities often found in indie and bubblegum pop.

On the single, Anna Kathleen contrasts introspective, personal lyrics—at times anxious, though ultimately hopeful—with an acoustic country pop sound, complete with bouncing, twangy guitars. “This dynamic,” the young singer says, “is very reflective of Gen-Z”. She understands her generation’s contradictory nature—its tendency to seem flippant while actually, or at least simultaneously, being earnest. The song’s elements come together to make Anna Kathleen’s coming-of-age anthem relatable at any point in life, while feeling specially crafted for the youth of her own time.

Words by Tunika Onnekikami

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