Josiah Mortimer – This Town (EP)

Singer songwriter Josiah Mortimer dedicates his latest EP, ‘This Town’ to all pandemic heroes and is donating all his Bandcamp earnings to FareShare. The entire EP is majestic, with a new lens beaming onto acoustic music. It’s nothing too out of the norm but yet it grips with a unique property. Josiah also blends his distinct vision with influences, and he charms with a meaningful message of modern times. Vocally, Josiah boasts a flavoursome tone, and his ability to express himself through his poetry is compelling. Each track brings something fresh to the table; it is just a shame; there aren’t a few more.  You can check out ‘This Town’ by Josiah Mortimer below. Also, be sure to visit Josiah on Bandcamp and support FareShare!

Words by James Davids

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