Get to know Sienne

Indie pop four-piece Sienne have just released their new EP and have been making ways in their local scene, with their infectious and smooth pop sound the band offers a break from everyday life. The question is what their lives currently look lives and how Sienne came to be… We asked them and had a wonderful online chat!

When did you get together as a band and how did you get to know each other?

It was pretty simple really… We came together in the summer of 2019 over a pint at The Lady Of Mann pub in town. We had all been in separate bands but were already good mates, and we found ourselves wondering why we hadn’t made music together so when James and Cal’s previous project decided to break, it took no time for us to get cracking on what would become Sienne and the beginning of the EP were down within a week.

Who and what inspires you to create music and who are your main influences?

We all have a pretty hands on approach to writing and as well as sharing a lot of influences, we all bring our own ideas to the table. Our influences range from 60s and 70s Beatles, Bowie and Queen all the way through to Kasabian, NGHFBs and Manic Street Preachers. We all have home studios which has been a great way to collaborate and share ideas while we’ve been under the lockdown restrictions.

What life lessons have you taken from the past year and how do you think you have grown as a band?

When the world was plunged into lockdown, we took the opportunity to get as much writing done as possible and it really helped us to define our sound and how we want to present our material. We had all been huge ‘gig goers’ as well as gigging ourselves so to have it taken away has been a real lesson is cherishing the live music scene when we get it back.

What goals have you got for the near future and what do you hope to achieve?

Our main goal is getting out on tour and gigging our stuff with all the other acts that we know and love in the scene and have a real ambition to collaborate with them on some future material. We’ve also started the early stages of our second EP which we hope to bring out by the end of the year.

What is your favourite dinner (food & drink) after a long day of recording?

Whenever we finish in the studio, we grab a crate of beer and some wine along with a Dominos order to celebrate. It’s become a simple popular tradition we like.

Last but not least; who are five of your favourite emerging artists from the UK at the moment?

We consider ourselves very lucky to hail from a part of the country where so much new music is being created. Our personal favourites are Red Rum Club, Pixey and Venus Demilo. We are fortunate to share a management roster with the awesome La Club Royale and Columbia. La Club Royale have a belter out ‘Rise Up’ worth listening to.

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