Zebra Libra – Missed The Call

Zebra Libra create a grand alternative rock sound a la The Killers and Kings of Lean and with their latest single ‘Missed The Call’ have released another anthemic rock rock hit! Its vibrant and catchy soundscape is hard to get out of your head and was written by the band as a response to the troubled times we live in. ‘Missed The Call’ is drenched with hope and a positive attitude towards the future, and while listening I truly felt some of that positivity rub of on me.

It is hard not to bounce along to Zebra Libra’s soaring and upbeat sound that plays around with moving guitar riffs, large drums and crowd-like harmonies. The single comes with a convenient lyric video that shows psychedelic visuals that move around on the beat of the song. The Portuguese rock band are influenced by a ton of different styles and genres and have entwined those influences into a sound that is very much their own. Have a look, a listen and sing along to ‘Missed The Call’!

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