The Sunshine State – Dating A Drug Dealer

A new and refreshing alternative pop sound was released by The Sunshine State, ‘Dating A Drug Dealer’ is a smooth and light-hearted song with a relaxed and laid back attitude. The Sunshine State is Skyler Stonestreet who has quickly made name for herself with distinguished written songs and a sound that resembles those of pop stars such as Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa. Skyler’s sound is a mix of a bit of everything but most of all hints at adolescent pop and the quirks that come with falling in and out of love.

We also reviewed previously released single ‘Things Changed’, which almost showed a more mature sound to Skyler than she is showing with her new release. ‘Dating A Drug Dealer’ sounds like a smoothly produced pop song of which the slight impurities have been evened out. Yet it is sweet and warm and its lyrics pretty self explanatory, Skyler explains: “This song is about a romance that was fleeting and ultimately destructed itself. But for a moment, I was very in the moment with someone who had a lot of secrets that I was ok with him keeping.”

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