Dora Lachaise – I Confess (video)

Bristol-based folk pop singer songwriter Dora Lachaise recently released a beautifully charming and fragile new single. ‘I Confess’ is her second single, which dives into electronica combined with a guitar-driven soundscape. It is a small and emotive piece of avant-pop combined with influences from her past experiences in gothic metal bands.

“I’m drawn to strong melodies and interesting chords, more than to any particular genre,” Dora says. “I want to make things that sound different.” The songstress picked her pseudonym to honour Dora Maar, a French surrealist photographer. “For a long time, she was remembered as one of Picasso’s muses, but she was so much more than that – her photography was experimental and conceptual. There’s mystery; it makes you think. That’s what I’m aiming for in my music as well.”

Dora Lachaise has woven her inspiration and influences into a beautiful song that showcases those influences perfectly, and with that she tells her story and leaves a piece of her with every listener that gives her music a chance.

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