The Round Up – March

The Shadowboxers – Running Down My Life

A harmonious and soothing new jazz pop song was released by The Shadowboxers, a modern day version of the Bee Gees. ‘Running Down My Life’ is slow paced, almost hypnotic and has a sweet and almost holy touch. Beautiful and angel-like vocals summarise what The Shadowboxers are and stand for. “This is who we are in a song. Our journey, our style, our harmony, our sophistication, our production tastes, our vulnerability, our complexity, our simplicity.” It makes no sense yet it does, The Shadowboxers are a soothing and calming mystery!

Dan Lyons – Rohypnol

Dan Lyons just released his mellow indie pop song ‘Rohypnol’, a lyrically strong intro leads us slowly and without hurry through compositions that are made to have you sit back and let Dan’s sound wash over you. With parts resembling the sounds of The Cure and The XX, Dan Lyons mixed those influences into a more pop-inspired sound, out came ‘Rohypnol’. The song is a tragic tale of traumatic social rejection with references made to lonely heart advertisements and the duality of Rohypnol and Coca Cola. ‘Rohypnol’ is produced by Florence + The Machine drummer Chris Hayden and mixed by Ash Workman, who previously worked with Christine and The Queens, which explains its beguiling sound!

GLUE – Undone

A grand and explosive new alternative pop single was released by Manchester band GLUE. With beautifully stark vocals, the band pull all attention towards themselves and ‘Undone’ is the expansive and mysterious new track that had me hooked from the start. ‘Undone’ was written by front woman Olivia O’Neill and produced by guitarist Sam Kyle, the duo seem to be a success when it comes to co-writing, their sound being confident, strong and undefeatable.


Young emerging indie band MARKETPLACE made their mark with previously released single ‘Evergreen’ and is now back with new single ‘CHARLIE’, a more laid back and reflective sound that shows the band is not in a rush and their mellow vocals and soothing harmonies make for a wonderfully relaxing sound. The Newcastle band recorded their single in Newcastle-based studios Blank Studios and explain a little bit about their new release: “‘Writing ‘CHARLIE’ was a weird process for us. It all happened during lockdown so it was quite drawn out, even though most of the song came together in like a day or two. The song name came from my nephew Charlie, he’d only recently just been born I think and I’d really wanted to write a song with a name in the chorus and that just fit really well.”

The Ocean Deep – Cyanide

An energetic new single was released by rock duo The Ocean Deep. Their new release ‘Cyanide’ is grand and anthemic, with powerful vocals and a warm soundscape that is filled with glistening guitar-tones. Their shimmering sound is polished and resembles early Muse, duo Jeremy and Justin started their own project together last year and have already seem to have found their sound. “‘Cyanide’ is about being with someone but you’re not quite sure if it feels right, so you feel guilty and heartless. You want to tell them, but you can’t.”

Chasing Kites – Balloons

For their first ever single as a band, Chasing Kites aim for energetic and catchy with their melodic indie rock single. ‘Balloons’, the Bath-based alternative rock duo’s debut, features a hooking, repeating guitar-riff, a brief-but-memorable mid-song drum break, and sad lyrics exploring a complex relationship. All to say this short-but-packed single shows the indie duo has plenty of potential. If ever you’ve wished for Young the Giant with a bit more pop or Two Door Cinema Club with slightly more rock, keep an eye out for Chasing Kites.

Project Blackbird – If This Is The End

The warm, slow paced and alternative new pop single that was released by Project Blackbird is also the title track of the just released thirteen track counting album. A soothing and hazily dreamy sound led by beautiful and sparkling vocals that lead the way through a fogged up forest. There is some mystery to the band and the way they have crafted and created their sound, and it has kept me busy ever since listening to the track for the first time. They sound alike many others but most of all themselves… ‘If This Is The End’ is the beginning of it for me!

Likeable – Hopeless Romantic

It’s almost as if Jason Mraz is chanting me one of his pop songs when ‘Hopeless Romantic’ kicks in but after a few seconds the track transforms into a grand, upbeat and thumping track. It’s the new release of Los Angeles-based artist and producer Likeable and with this new single he’s making himself oh so likeable. It’s a banging tune, one we see ourselves dancing along to on the dance floor! Or, in Likeable’s words: “If this song was a show on tv – it would be Friends, but if Chandler never met Monica.”

Fabian Jack – Bananas

A grand and riffing track has been released by Fabian Jack, and they are obviously… ‘Bananas’! Stark vocals a la Newcastle-locals The Pale White but combined with loud and provocative drums and guitar-riffs that are filthy but delicious. ‘Bananas’ is also the title track of the EP that was released last week, worth a listen if you ask us! “The song emerged in just 30 mins in rehearsals from an insistent guitar riff – courtesy of JP – and a little tension/ swiftly resolved band fight involving a chair, Bananas is the sound of a band having a good time.”

Colour Tongues – Wasted

A soothing alternative pop song was recently brought to life by Colour Tongues, the Canadian version of Sundara Karma have brought us a way of letting the weight of the world fall of our shoulders and have a moment of peace. ‘Wasted’ is the first track of the upcoming debut LP ‘Midnight Island’, it’s an eclectic pop dream flowing through with sense of hope, warmth and belonging. With their new song the band have exactly achieved what they would have hoped to achieve!

Boy Leadfoot – Cellin’

Fun, punchy and energetic describes the new track by Canadian alternative rock band Boy Leadfoot. ‘Cellin” is in your face and straight up without a twist. The fun and ever surprising soundscape supports the spoken vocals perfectly and at times nearly drowns them. It’s a song of contrasts, “I was trying to figure out a path in life and feeling like I was wasting a lot time, but also enjoying wasting time”, a sound for fans of The Streets and The Skinner Brothers, but most of all for fans of Boy Leadfoot!

Jay Swinn – Empty Bottle

Canadian singer songwriter Jay Swinn is bringing an eclectic mix of garage rock, country and folk and released it in the form of light-hearted and positive sounding single ‘Empty Bottle’. Jay is not afraid to explore different styles and genres and the style he has created for himself suits perfectly with his slightly rough voice that lead us through ‘Empty Bottle’! He gained experience as a piano sideman and session-man to songwriters such as Corin Raymond and Young Guv and started releasing music under his own name last year! “‘Empty Bottle’ is about anyone who’s stared at an empty bottle around twilight. About life’s ups and downs. Staying up late can nearly ruin your life if you let it. It’s like being a kid all over again! Get to bed…”

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