M Pike – Worthy

M Pike is the indie-rock newcomer who proves his talent instantly with his new release, ‘Worthy’. Still, only a few weeks since its release, it is spreading far and wide, and the quality is testament enough to see why.  Furthermore,  M Pike possesses a vocal attribute that makes him stand out from the rest of the industry’s noise. He is charismatic, and his dramatic approach to singing is refreshing. He takes a hint from some of the greats like Jared Leto and Prince, yet he builds on a unique sound of his own. Also, he brings a delivery which many may mistake from an artist with decades more experience already under the belt. 

The music which greets us on ‘Worthy’ is interesting. Moreover, it opens with a soft and serene aura with a guitar lead echoing out of the mix with a heavenly tone. However, towards the mid-section, everything changes. The drums pick up force, and they crush through the speakers like thunder. Also, the guitar hooks take on a new dimension with slick guitar riffs catapulting out with ease. 

Overall, ‘Worthy’ is a track worthy of the attention it is getting currently. It is slightly unusual, but yet positively fresh. Also, it is hard to place it on a shelf, given that it takes hints from many genres. Nevertheless, this form of hybrid pays off. Why? Because it provides something for just about everybody, which is the key for an artist currently breaking out on the scene. 

Words by James Davids

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