Bess Atwell – Co-op

The indie folk sound of Bess Atwell is one that grips and does not let go, her latest single ‘Co-op’ was released nearly a week ago and tells the intriguing and loving story of Bess and her partner’s life. “The relationship seemed to provide me with some sort of permission to recuperate from family trauma, as if realising for the first time that there was a life outside of that chaos lulled me into an emotional slumber.”

It is cheerful in its message yet small and careful in its sound, ‘Co-op’ is a fitting title of a simple love story that sounds complicated yet showcases what a lot of us go through when combining trauma and a comforting relationship; something beautiful. Bright and dreamy, clear and oh so personal, Bess Atwell knows how to tell a story and how to demand the attention with a simple soundscape and a beautiful voice. Previously compared to a stripped down version of Lana Del Rey, Bess is most of all a genuine British folk pop artist that will hopefully soon be releasing more and music similar to ‘Co-op’!

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