Summer Birds – Gutless

‘Gutless’ is Summer Birds‘ latest release, a revealing anthem for picking yourself up and creating some confidence in your abilities. It is a powerful and honest song and the most fitting soundtrack for a re-evaluation of your self-image. Summer Birds is the musical project of 23-year old Canadian singer songwriter Aaron Mangoff and with his soaring Matt Bellamy-like vocals he stole a piece of me I do not want back.

His open-hearted lyricism and grand, filling soundscape make for an infectious alternative pop track. After having toured with many different projects, Aaron wanted to finally create something that would be a full expression of the composer’s musical views instead of being restricted by thoughts such as “how can I play this live?”. ‘Gutless’ is a mix of styles and influences that have been explored through a musical journey with friends and minds alike, “a place to leave it all on the table.”

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