Medium Love – New Pyramids

A new and grand, anthemic and thumping single has been released by singer songwriter Kacey Underwood, better known as Medium Love. After a natural break up with his previous band BIG DEAL and following a European support tour with Depeche Mode, the sun-bleached guitar sound of Kacey returns in the form of ‘New Pyramids’. His latest single is a grand, thumping and anthemic alternative pop song with some incredible instrumental parts.

It is obvious that this is not Kacey’s first project, his sound is determined, evolved and sounds grown up. When growing up in California’s High Desert, the young musician barely had anything else to do than writing music and that reflects in his warm and distorted guitar sound. “Most of my songs come to me in dreams and I take my inspiration from either the narrative or emotion they create, keeping a phone beside my bed so I can spit out thoughts and images before they evaporate in dream dust.” Medium Love is a spitting image of Kacey’s dream world reflected in both sound and lyricism which speaks fearlessly fragile and emotionally open of personal thoughts and emotions.

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