Lady Dan – No Home (video)

The simple guitar-driven alternative pop song that just reached my ears has been stuck in my head ever since the first time I listened to Lady Dan‘s new single! ‘No Home’ is a beautiful and fragile single with sparkling vocals and a naked intro that builds and fills throughout the song. After nearly a minute and a half the soundscape adds in layers and depth and ‘No Home’ becomes a soaring alternative folk song.

“This is maybe the most vulnerable song on my record and I felt like there needed to be an equally vulnerable video to match it. I’m sure you can all tell by now, that I love symbolism and reading between the lines. This song is about the ending of a 4.5-year abusive relationship amidst losing my dad and becoming estranged from my mom. It’s funny, I wrote the guitar for this song when I was 17, and I want to say it was originally supposed to be a worship song. I revisited the instrumentals a few years ago, and these lyrics came pouring out. I suppose it was something I really needed to process through music.”

Fragile, open-hearted and bloody honest is what Lady Dan has brought us with this new release. A song that gave me goose bumps and wanted me to give her a comforting hug once the song ended. The video that accompanies the single shows the songstress getting stripped naked and dressed again, powerful message hiding in these visuals. Take control, don’t just let it happen.

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