Glass Violet – Hourglass

Bristol-based band Glass Violet released yet another single, called ‘Hourglass’. This time a slightly darker song than the previous singles. The upbeat tempo could have easily been a forgotten New Order track. Songs like these will get us in the right mood for the coming festival season.

The song is about the changes of mood states and how easily they can change like turning an hourglass. The lyrics also saw influence from dream sequences and the questioning of life after death. Making the Joy Division-like song lyrics fit perfectly with the music.

Glass Violet is working hard on recording new material for their debut EP which is due in a couple of months. Let’s hope they will continue creating songs like ‘Hourglass’. Fans of The Killers, Kasabian, The Strokes and Blossoms should definitely listen to Glass Violet.

Words by Rene Rosierse

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