Martha St Arthur – Maybe She’s Bored With It

Martha St. Arthur’s anthemic new single ‘Maybe She’s Bored With It’ is a song women everywhere can rally behind. From the captivating verses to the catchy chorus that will have you listening to the song on repeat, Martha is unapologetically authentic in a way that’s both refreshing and relatable. The song is based on Martha and other women’s experiences with sexism and features clever lyrics that reflect the exhaustion of being told who to be and how to feel. The upbeat pop rock arrangement coupled with Martha’s powerful vocals and layered harmonies make for a song that’s both musically and lyrically memorable. ‘Maybe She’s Bored With It’ manages to illustrate the daily struggles of sexism women endure in an empowering way that makes us want to dance and sing at the top of our lungs with her.

Words by Claire Donzelli

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