Crossfire Eagles – All You Know (Remastered)

Alternative rock outfit Crossfire Eagles have released a new anthemic indie-inspired track, it is the remastered version of ‘All You Know’. The guitar-driven intro and the intriguing build up of the track lead towards a grand and harmonious chorus that will most definitely work a treat in venues and festivals but for now we’ll do with it being the perfect and infectious soundtrack to the start of our weekends!

“‘All You Know’ represents someone who wants to get away, escape the real world and focus on their special somebody.” The smoothly produced soundscape of the track and the soft, warm vocals of singer James fit within the rest of the song’s mix like a piece of the puzzle. The Sheffield based band released ‘All You Know’ in 2019 and remastered it for their brand new seven track counting EP ‘Major Arcana’. The euphoric single works perfectly with the other six songs on the EP and ends with a comforting “I’ll be just fine…” Hopefully we’ll be able to see Crossfire Eagles grace live stages again soon!

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