James Mackenzie – Where You Are Going

James Mackenzie brought out his latest single on March 5th called ‘Where You Are Going’, and it is all but disappointing. He’s been living between Germany and the UK for a few years, but is originally from Inverness in the Highlands.

Ever since listening to his new single, it’s been on repeat and repeat. His chorus is one of the main factors of the single that sticks in my mind, with the way the melody makes you want to sing out loud. I understand the lyrics that were written down, and in my mind it is making me think of the past experiences I have had.

His voice is soothing throughout the whole song, and the video that accompanies the single shows images of the Scottish Highlands which beautifully capture the emotion of the song. The way this now relates in a hometown way, it’s making me understand the emotional value of the song, with how we all leave our hometown in our lifetime and we are all going somewhere, whether we know where to or not.

This new single captures emotion that James brings out in the song, to me this is just the start
of his journey. Now, I’m going back to listening to his new release on repeat and repeat.

Words by Chloe Gudgin

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