CHERITON – My Reverie

Nick Harrison is better known as guitar-pop artist CHERITON, and if you have been following the website for a while now, you would have noticed him here before. His soothing guitar-driven folk-influenced indie pop is beautifully well-produced and we will always give Nick our undivided attention. Besides, we were very excited to hear newly released single ‘My Reverie’, a ‘back to basics’ with a simple soundscape and a spotlight on the stark but heart-warming voice of Harrison.

The feel-good indie song is a warm spring release about anxiety and growth. “When I get in those kinds of darker moods and I feel depression slipping into my days I try to write to lift myself. ‘My Reverie’ came so quickly, like a single stream of consciousness, I couldn’t write it down quick enough.” With his feelings out on the table, CHERITON creates pop songs that make us all feel just that little more accepted and like we are not the only ones with those dark feelings. “I also was keen for it to sound uplifting, I think that was my brain trying to help me out. Expressing my worry into this kind of space perhaps made it easier for me to listen back.”

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