Cosmic Crooner – Deep Down In Jazz (video)

A tongue in cheek 70’s soothing rock song was released by European singer songwriter and musicians Cosmic Crooner, ‘Deep Down In Jazz’ is his debut release, a single and video! His flavoursome 60’s and 70’s-inspired sound is raw and smooth and sends you to an alternative universe just for its 3 minutes and 15 seconds. There is a certain kind of confident air hanging around Cosmic Crooner, and ‘Deep Down In Jazz’ almost sounds like the story of his evolving as a musician and the unravelling of his musical career.

The song is an introduction to the Crooner, the accompanying video showing some stunning scenery and completely shot in film and inspired by Nouvelle Vague movies. I find Cosmic Crooner and his debut release intriguing and mysterious and it’s been a long time since I was this excited to hear more from a basically unknown artist. Is it just me?

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