Emmrose – The Imposter

Beautifully fragile, emotive and built upon an almost angelic soundscape, ‘The Imposter’ slowly builds towards a carefully crafted but sugar sweet pop song a la early Taylor Swift… But so much better. Emmrose just released her new shoegaze-inspired dream pop song with a beautiful delicateness that makes ‘The Imposter’ feel like peculiar piece of art that should be treated carefully.

Emmrose shared a piece of herself with her listeners in her brand new release, while talking open-heartedly about something well-known to many of us; Imposter Syndrome. “In a way, ‘The Imposter’ was inspired by the video game ‘Among Us’, funny enough. In order to win the game, you need to find the Imposter, a secret member of the group that is trying to stay hidden while getting other players out of the game. This made me think a lot about Imposter Syndrome and how you think everyone will eventually find out that you are a fraud. The lyrics start with how to find ‘The Imposter’, how they’re all around you but they’ll say they had to pretend to fit in.”

Despite this being quite the relevant subject and for most rather hard to talk about, Emmrose does it elegantly and while sounding like it doesn’t cost her any effort. And those lyrics, they’re rather on point: “She tried to run, but thinking you’re the best is kind of fun”… Emmrose explains: “I have experienced the feeling of being chosen as the best out of a group of people, and for a few minutes it feels great, and then the doubt seeps in and you develop a fear of being discovered as not worthy.” May I just say, and not just to Emmrose, that you are worthy, no matter what?! Enjoy ‘The Imposter’.

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