Tommy Ashby & Lydia Clowes – Happy Just To Know

Tommy Ashby and Lydia Clowes make us fall in love on their indie-folk duet ‘Happy Just To Know’. In creating the single, Suffolk-based Ashby said he “wanted to write a song about finding a true connection with someone”. He explores one such connection on the single—with acoustic strings, rhythmic handclaps, and Clowes’ riveting vocals, Ashby creates a wonderfully upbeat space to explore the warm beginnings of a romantic relationship.

Ashby’s created a sonically whole single, but his collaboration with Clowes especially amplifies it. To best talk about a new relationship, the singer-songwriter “thought it would be interesting to get both points of view across on the vocals”, and was happy to work with Clowes, of whom he’s said: “I’ve never seen anyone make singing beautifully look so effortless.” This awareness and his efforts shine: Clowes’s honeyed vocals effortlessly dance with his own, neither vocalist overpowering the other. Their emotive duet drives Ashby’s lyrics and song, inviting listeners to peek into a blossoming relationship—to embrace the genuine nerves and honest joy of being newly in love for themselves.

Words by Tunika Onnekikami

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