LZYBY – Take My Time

LZYBY, not so much a lazy boy. He claims to be quite the slothful type, but this is proving quite the opposite, given how hard he is working on his new material. The hard work is paying off too, and when you think he cannot excel any further, he drops a gem like ‘Take My Time’. 

The vocals from LZYBY mirror no other, and they prove that the Oxford- singer remains loyal to himself at all times with his unique delivery giving him an instant novel selling point. He is sharp with a solid vocal tone, and he leverages his strong qualities from the get-go, with his message being clear as day. Furthermore, he values his time, and he does not allow anyone to take it. Good on him! After all, it is the one thing none of us ever get back. 

As the track progresses, the music becomes even more intense, with many instruments appearing from the mix. The addition of sounds as it plays through keeps the excitement flowing, and it works well! Also, LZYBY adds a new string to his bow with a solo violin performance which again gives him extra distinction. He also sticks to what worked well in his previous releases, such as ‘Frustation’ with his signature synth making a regular appearance. 

Overall, this new one from LZYBY can do little wrong. So, relish fresh indie? ‘Take My Time’ will be medicine to your ears!

Words by James Davids

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