My Name Is Ian – For Love

For a moment I am back at busy promenades, surrounded by pinball machines, screaming kids (and fathers alike) that want to stay a little longer. My Name Is Ian bring me back to holidays on the coast, with their eccentric and uplifting sound and specifically their latest release ‘For Love’. Its wondrous intro launches into a surprising and upbeat chorus, with 60’s-inspired vocals and hazy harmonies.

The Cardiff-based band created a ‘Let’s Dance’ like sound which we’ll hear a lot more of on their upcoming album ‘Fantastic Company’ which is due for release on the 4th of June. The album will be available on vinyl as well as all streaming platforms, and is promised to set out a new course for the band with ‘For Love’ being the first taster of that refreshing sound. Their indie dance sound is exactly the positive distraction I needed!

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