Retro Video Club – Checkmate

An infectious new alternative rock sound has been released in the form of Retro Video Club‘s new single ‘Checkmate’, simple but effective, their sound promises to bring a smile to your face and a spring in your step. ‘Checkmate’ is the Edinburgh four piece’s explosive return after a two year long hiatus. With renewed energy the band continue releasing grand and catchy pop-inspired songs with ‘Checkmate’ being the opener of this new chapter.

Their new single is a burst of pure indie rock joy and focuses on reflection in a time of uncertainty. “‘Checkmate’ is a song about reflecting on your high school days and how the passing of time changes everything.” That sure is some statement to make. “It’s facing reality, realising you need to start growing up because life is starting to get serious. It’s ultimately life putting you in Checkmate, but you refusing to accept the game is over.” Now that does sound a lot like me!

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