Jordan Dean – Local (EP)

Singer songwriter Jordan Dean grew up in Cleveland, Ohio but his musical heroes are clearly based on the other side of the pond. With his new EP ‘Local’, he shares the evidence of those influences in the form of his own take on indie pop. It’s raw, fun, light-hearted and the five track counting EP is quite the impressive piece of a The Kooks-like sound.

Title track ‘Local’ is the opener of the EP, an unhurried and laid back alternative pop sound with an infectious rhythm from start till finish. His sound is comforting and familiar even though we haven’t heard it before. 2021 promises to be the year of Jordan Dean if emotive and open-hearted songs such as ‘What I’m Feeling’ and ‘Drunk’ are what we can expect more of in the future from the young musician. About his music and song writing, Jordan says: “When I first started song writing, I really wanted to be able to control a room with just an acoustic guitar. However, as I got older and started hanging around local music venues, meeting other musicians, and coming to appreciate great bands, I shifted my focus to sounding more like the bands that I fell in love with so much.”

We hear different layers of Dean on the five tracks that work so well together yet all very much have their own character. ‘Rabbit Hole’ is a combination of an almost jazz-influenced soundscape and his raw and pure voice. “I pull from a lot of different influences and styles. I’m a huge fan of the post-punk revival bands like the Strokes, the Libertines, and Arctic Monkeys and have seemed to lean more heavily on those influences for my latest material as I always find myself coming back to those recordings and not getting bored of them.” Jordan Dean has only just started out and is on the rise, and we’ll make sure to keep an eye on him, because ‘Local’ is a promising work of art!

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