Kavanagh – Citizen 202

‘Citizen 202’ is the surprising and energising new release of South East England-based five piece Kavanagh. Chanting vocals, a grand and thumping soundscape and repetitive lyrics make for an upbeat and enthusing alternative rock track! It’s short but sweet, a nice taster and it makes us long for more, ‘Citizen 202′ made us scroll back through the bands’ list of previous releases because we got oh so curious about what else they have on offer!

Their sound is drenched with 90’s nostalgia, melodic guitar-lines and what they call ‘poetic’ lyrics. I wish their sound would be just that bit less distorted and the vocals would be just that bit easier to understand but overall the band leave quite the impression. All we can dream of is being able to see this inexhaustible band perform live, a show during which we would undoubtedly end in a mosh pit!

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