The Jode Gannon Band – Sunken Ships

The Jode Gannon Band released their debut single ‘Sunken Ships’, half self-recorded and produced in the bands’ home studio! Their DIY sound and ethos shine through in their evolving mix of pop and indie rock. ‘Sunken Ships’ is the result of the get together of Jody Gannon and Matty Cartwright in December 2019. Once a band was formed, it was time for ‘Sunken Ships’ to be released. Lucky for us, that is now.

With their debut single they launch on our ether with impressive accuracy and it seems they’re quite comfortable on there. Both founders already spent a decade in the music industry before forming The Jode Gannon Band, which shows in their sound and determination. Their storytelling rock had me drift off into my own world, it’s an eclectic sound and one that is rather memorable. I can’t wait to hear more from The Jode Gannon Band!

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