Third Lung – I A Fire

The slow and mysterious build up of ‘I A Fire’ makes for an intriguing start of Third Lung‘s new release. Its slow build up builds towards a grand alternative pop pre-chorus which evolves into a swinging landscape of anthemic pop a la U2, Foo Fighters and Stereophonics. It might not be most inventive, but Third Lung’s sound is memorable and infectious and their latest single has been stuck in our head ever since we first gave it a listen.

With their new release the band invite their listeners to stand up, dust themselves off and to move forward. “‘I A Fire’ is a celebration. A coming of age. A moment where we decide to no longer be a victim of our past and commit to realising potential. To focus on our future. Lyrically the song explore the friction that occurs internally when such an aim is set.”

1 Comment

  1. A very emphatic and uplifting vibes which gives me the same celebratory anthem as that of “Born the USA” by Bruce Springsteen. Nice word review for such a song!


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