Cat Boland – Cold

Emerging songstress Cat Boland opens up about rather personal emotions and experiences on her new single ‘Cold’. Her delicate folk pop sound amplifies her beautifully stark voice perfectly and tells a story of love and vulnerability. ‘Cold’ is an emotive and dream-fuelled piece of simple pop and despite the soundscape being rather simple, Cat’s voice lead us through ‘Cold’ with ease and goose bumps.

Cat expands a little on where the inspiration for the song came from: “I’ve spent a good portion of my life trying to protect myself from getting hurt. I come from a very long line of badass women who have taught me to be strong and independent. I was also raised by my dad (who is anything but the poster child of vulnerability) while my mom worked, so I wasn’t ever taught how to be open with my emotions.” The young and talented musician taught how to open up about her emotions a few year later, “I met someone that I had a real and genuine connection with. But, per usual, nothing really came of it.”

“‘Cold’ is about that exterior that I’ve built up to shield myself from rejection, heartbreak, shame, embarrassment, et cetera… And how, in the long run, it does more harm than good.” Those lessons were translated perfectly on her newest release and hopefully we’ll be able to learn more lessons from Cat Boland in the near future.

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