PLAY DEAD – Skint (EP)

South London teenage punks PLAY DEAD have just released their debut EP ‘Skint’, a 5 track counting piece of loud and thumping DIY alt punk. First up is single ‘Hide’, a song filled with violent guitar-riffs and the inescapable and powerful sound of PLAY DEAD. “‘Hide’ speaks of the days where you just want to stay in bed and watch sh*t TV.”

The band formed in the school yards yet does not sound anything like a group of young boys when they perform their abrasive songs, ‘Skint’ continues on their success formula of short but sweet punk tracks. “‘Skint’ is a wistful chronicle of being at the mercy of your bank account overdraft.”

Theirs is the modern punk sound of a loud and angry group of musicians, fuelled by thrashing soundscapes and screaming vocals. Think Slaves, meets IDLES, meets Fontaines D.C.! PLAY DEAD verse on boredom, youth apathy, f*cking about in the park, and recreational drug use on their debut EP. ‘Shaun’ is one of the longest tracks on the EP, yet ist still only nearly two and a half minutes long. The band wrap their feelings of being an abandoned generation in short but punchy tracks, with ‘The Drip’ being the sparkling last track on their EP. 

PLAY DEAD is the punk rock promise of 2021, having been championed by BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing Kent already. We are more than excited about this next generation punk sound!

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