Minerva Daisy – Substitute

Young and emerging songstress Minerva Daisy has just released her second single ‘Substitute’, a soaring and playful pop song talking of that part of love, love songs don’t always talk about. Her new song was written three years ago yet hasn’t aged a day, like a good wine, the song is a grower with a blindly catching chorus! 

“‘Substitute’ is about the part of love that love songs don’t always talk about, when you realise you’re in too deep to get out no matter how much you need to and you feel addicted to that person.” Minerva’s sophomore single was recorded at Mad Fox Studios in Manchester and is an energy-filled, bouncing piano-driven track with glorious vocals and an empowering message. It’s a promise made, we’re looking forward to hear more from Minerva Daisy and if she’s as determined as ‘Substitute’ sounds, we won’t have to worry about that!

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