New music: Nadie Reyhani, TREZR and Bonze

Nadie Reyhani – The Maze

The beautiful and wavy sound of Nadie Reyhani is as mysterious as it is chilling. A sparkling new pop sound, beautiful vocals and a grand soundscape make for an incredible and theatrical new sound, one that Nadie wear like a crown. “We all feel like we are trapped in time sometimes, hypnotized by everything that is happening around us. ‘The Maze’ is a reflection of this feeling, hypnotic, almost like a strange lullaby that slowly turns into a nightmare.” Her new song is the perfect reflection of that feeling and it is exciting to see the musical career of Nadie Reyhani unfold.

TREZR – Cold

The smooth and well-produced pop sound of TREZR is intriguing and mellow, and leans towards a commercial contemporary sound. Their sound might not be what I would usually listen to, yet the trio’s sound flows like the waves and the leading vocals are soft and comforting, it is hard not to listen to ‘Cold’! The trio burst onto the scene at the start of this year and ‘Cold’ is their debut single, “a story of love fading with time and the struggle of letting go of something that is no longer there. This song synthesizes elements of winter with emotions of heartbreak to convey the elongation of a broken relationship.”

Bonze – Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)

It’s an infectious yet laid back alternative pop song with soothing vocals and a simple soundscape, it’s Southern electro pop artist Bonze’s new single ‘Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)’! The song comes with fun and simple visuals that translate the relaxed vibe of the track very well. Bonze proves not many lyrics are needed to make an interesting pop song, ‘Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)’ is a lyrically simple and repetitive song, nearly mantra-like. This atmospheric yet funky song helps set the tone for all your hazy, lazy afternoons!

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