Pushpin – Apples

Hailing from South London, Pushpin are an indie four-piece that derive influence from incredible acts such as MGMT and Fiona Apple. However, Pushpin have used these influences to create their own unique nostalgia and angular sound.

Their newest track, ‘Apples’, sees the band develop this sound. The contrast between each instrument in the mix is staggering, but they oddly complement each other. Gorgeous and smooth vocals wash over an attacking and blunt bass line – with the drums and guitar work bridging these two different sonic environments. Ultimately, it creates a really satisfying instrumental where it feels like everyone is giving it their all.

‘Apples’ also sees the band on the production and mixing end of things, and they do a stellar job at it. If I hadn’t been told they’d done everything themselves, I’d have assumed they got an actual producer to it. My only gripe being that I wish the vocals shared some of the spotlight the bass line takes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bass line on ‘Apples’, but the vocals deserve equal billing – they’re fantastic.

The overall structure of the track is good. Having the track build up instrumentally is a simple way to form a track, however it’s used quite effectively here – keeping the track well-paced and giving some variance to the tune. Pushpin’s new track ‘Apples’ is a must listen for those who love the indie of the 2000s. They’re awkward yet charming sound is accomplished through their stellar instrumentation and self-production!

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