Greta Isaac – FU

The beautiful and emotive sound of Greta Isaac is an instant tear-jerking, but the good kind. Her sparkling voice and delicate, simple soundscape make for a simple yet effective sing song that has already been praised by some well-known influencers such as radio DJ Jack Saunders. 

The Welsh singer songwriter shows her vulnerable side, a personal story wrapped in a single that makes us all feel like we are no longer alone and there will be someone to catch us when we fall. Greta Isaac is getting ready for the release of her debut EP ‘Pessimist’ on which ‘FU’ will also make an appearance. “It talks about the most vulnerable time in my life.” Greta Isaac says about her new single. “Previous single ‘Like Me’ dealt with the desperate wish for validation in a bold and shrill manner, ‘FU’ is somewhat contrasting; stripped back and exposed carrying regret and sadness throughout.“

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