New overseas: ChrisLee and The Satellite Station

ChrisLee – Flight Risk

A new alternative pop artist landed on our radar with his latest release ‘Flight Risk’, in general this is not a sound you will find much on Music For The Misfits due to its commercial pop vibes. However, ChrisLee is bringing ‘Flight Risk’ light-hearted and with a subtle wink which is why we just couldn’t bring ourselves to turning this new song off. His soothing sound, effortless sounding vocals and the fun sound effects used in the ever changing soundscape make for an infectious slice of sizzling pop.

The Satellite Station – Only Human

The ever so dreamy artist that keeps releasing chilling song after chilling song is back with his new single ‘Only Human’. The Satellite Station’s new release is another warm and open-hearted folk pop single, on which he lays bare his soul and most worrying fears. “If I let go would you hold tight, if I was lost would you be the light…” It is a reflective and poetic piece brought to life by a filling and warm piano-driven soundscape. “‘Only Human’ is about how hard it can feel sometimes just being human… Whether things are good or bad. Sometimes we need a reminder that everything we do isn’t perfect and we make mistakes, and to give ourselves freedom to do that and know everything is going to be okay.”

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