Rose Betts – Recovery (video)

Sometimes music hits a different note, and I don’t mean the ones we read from music sheets, this is a mental note somewhere deep inside. We hide it so we don’t have to show our true emotions, because they are too hard to deal with at times. Rose Betts hit that note for me, with her latest single ‘Recovery’, the single come with a video in which we see Rose sing the song live.

It is not just her sparkling voice, it is her voice in combination with the parts where it sounds as if she is close to breaking, it is the look on her face, as if she is in an entirely different world than us. Somewhere in the middle of the song I feel the tears well up, and the line “Don’t try to stop me, ’cause I’m in recovery” does it for me. Her grand piano-driven soundscape supports her beautiful yet slightly off voice beautifully and the entire song is an emotional roller coaster packed in a singer songwriter pop song that is only 4 minutes and 10 seconds long. Not quite ‘short’ for a song, yet Rose Betts’ ‘Recovery’ could be going on and on for me, and I wouldn’t get sick of it… “I’m gonna put my heart back, and let it sing…”

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