The Round Up – April

Martha Hill – Change

North East-based alternative singer songwriter and artist Martha Hill just released her new single ‘Change’! It’s a laid back but thumping alternative pop song that listens like a monologue. For its 3 minutes and 15 seconds we feel like having an intimate and honest chat with Martha about growing up, nostalgia and paths not taken. the eccentric and outspoken artist grew up in Dunoon, Scotland and left when she was 17 to busk around Europe. Martha elaborates on what ‘Change’ is about: “After coming home as an adult and seeing how strong the community is and how supportive everyone is, I just felt really lucky and proud to have grown up there.”

ilonalowe – Once Again

ilonalowe released a beautiful and pensive new song influenced by artists such as Flyte and Laura Marling. Clean vocals and a simple, mysterious soundscape paint a vivid picture of relationships and their pitfalls. “The third party in a relationship isn’t always a person. In any of my relationships – friendships included – I have a tendency to lean into insecurities, and it becomes this third invisible entity that gets in the way.” says South West London alternative folk songstress ilonalowe. She translated those feelings in a beautiful and emotion-packed sing song, ‘Once Again’ is a confession wrapped in a rich and fragile soundscape.

Genevieve Miles – Storm Before

A jazzy and blues-inspired new song was released by ‘sunny indie queen’ Genevieve Miles. A soft and hazy soundscape wraps itself around warm harmonies and Genevieve’s sparkling voice. On her latest release ‘Storm Before’ she fine-tuned the balance between sad girl synth pop and 80’s guitar riffs, which creates a unique take on alternative pop that is promising and catchy. About her new single, Genevieve says: “This song is a special one, it really sounds like my soul. First off, it’s a love song, but looking back at it now I’m also talking about the long cyclical process of healing. Even though it’s hard each time, maybe it’s a little different, a little better than the time before, cause you’ve learnt so much since then, you have so many new tools to work with and look after yourself.”

Distopia – Healing

With vocals that are slightly rough around the edges, and a mellow but calculated soundscape, Distopia bring an intriguing new track with ‘Healing’. There is a bit of everything hiding in its eclectic and interesting alternative pop rock sound, reflective vocals, screaming vocals, a simple and almost repetitive, meditative parts as well as grand and thumping rock riffs. The song is the band’s first release in a series of singles that are leading up to their first full length album. Hopefully Distopia’s album will be packed with more of their positive sound as showcased on ‘Healing’!

Lank & The Shanks – Lyin’ Face Down

Lank & The Shanks have just released their soaring new alternative pop track, ‘Lyin’ Face Down’ is a gentle song with strong vocals and catchy hooks. Written while being at a drug rehabilitation facitility in Dallas, Lank & The Shanks brought a positive vibe and smile to the table, despite the tough circumstances. “‘Lyin’ Face Down’ explores the concept of people choosing ignorance over truth, and how badly people can treat other people when they feel superior to them.” The Texas-based alternative rock band have created their own peculiar sound and showcase it pridefully and fiercely.

Kristian Grostad – Summer is Over

“Sometimes it feels like a sea of ​​different thoughts. Like an ongoing battle between life’s challenges and opportunities.” The soothing and simple new single that introduced Kristian Grostad to us was their latest release ‘Summer Is Over’, and despite what its title suggests, the song sounds more like summer than it looks like outside. It’s also the lead track of the album that was just released and if the album contains more of Kristian’s laid back indie pop we’re here for it!

Sam & Julia – Easy

Dutch alternative folk pop duo Sam & Julia bring a relaxed and unhurried, but well-produced sound in the form of pensive poems and soothing songs. “It’s easy, easy to know what everyone knows. So easy, easy to go where everyone goes.” ‘Easy’ is their latest release with a cool vibe a la Kurt Vile and sets the tone for the upcoming album, due for release in May. The duo open up about insecurities and anxieties but translate those into something that sounds tranquil and not so uncommon, we no longer feel so alone while being isolated, thanks to Sam and Julia.

Michael Robert Murphy – Puzzles

A smooth new alternative pop rock song is due for release on the 15th of April. Michael Robert Murphy is bedazzling us with his light-hearted new release ‘Puzzles’! The woozy and sultry new song is a wonderfully dreamy piece of singer songwriter pop, by the former lead singer of acid-folk-rock five piece The Wicked Whispers. Michael now joins up with The Coral’s James Skelly to bring a new and hazy sound that is comforting and relaxing!

Planet Case – Royal

The grand new alternative rock sound from Planet Case is catchy and anthemic. ‘Royal’ is a pleasantly surprising mix of smooth vocals, a grand and dramatic soundscape and mellow melodies! It is the Finish five piece’s first self-produced single but without knowing the fact we would not have been able to guess. ‘Royal’ is well produced, the first single of the upcoming second EP and talks about “people not knowing their self-worth and how lack of self-respect is no better than having an egotistical worldview.”

Bosola – Soil & Dust

A simple guitar-driven track was released by North East-based singer songwriter Tim Cox who is better known as Bosola. ‘Soil & Dust’ is a laid back alternative pop rock track with hazy vocals that at times almost disappear within the soundscape. An exciting soundscape and vocals all the way from beginning till end make ‘Soil & Dust’ sound like one big breath of soothing sounds! The single will also appear on the upcoming EP ‘How Sick I Became, Running From Myself’ which is due for release in June this year!

Sam Readman – Dancing with the Devil

Singer songwriter Sam Readman has just released her beautifully soulful debut single ‘Dancing with the Devil’ and with it instantly makes her mark. The emerging artist from the North East of England brings us a slow build up and a soundscape that is exciting yet simplistic, her strong voice standing strong and shining in the middle of the mix. A simple yet effective singer songwriter song with a hook that is hard to ever get out of your head. Hopefully ‘Dancing with the Devil’ is the start more and similar sounds!

Tommy Ashby – Ceremony

A soothing folk pop sound, smooth vocals and hazy harmonies are the outstanding components that make up ‘Ceremony’, Tommy Ashby’s latest release. The thoughtful and emotive dream pop song would be a perfect fit for our latest favourite romcom, one with a warm and comforting touch. ‘Ceremony’ is a virtual hug to the world and part of the build up towards Tommy’s upcoming EP which is due for release on the 14th of May. And honestly, we can’t wait for it to be out!

DAME – Bite

Birmingham electronic indie pop outfit DAME have just released their new single ‘Bite’, a cheesy yet catchy pop song that sounds like a possible new summer anthem. Exploding in rays of soothing and uplifting vocals, a warm yet simple soundscape and an overall good vibe, ‘Bite’ is just that bit of light-hearted pop we needed. “‘Bite’ is the ultimate anti-love song that will make you want to turn the lights down and the volume up! It’s about taking control and getting what you want, setting your standards high and putting yourself first.”

James TW – Butterflies

The soothing and almost ecstatic build up and sound of James TW’s ‘Butterflies’ is inspired by refreshing alternative pop and undeniably catchy! His rather smooth vocals make for a comforting and almost familiar sound. ‘Butterflies’ sounds like a sugar sweet love song, resembling a mix of Belgium’s Balthazar, James Bay and Maisie Peters. It is its heart-warming message that had us hooked and the even though a rather simple pop song, oh so infectious!

Outline – Vanilla

Outline’s ‘Vanilla’ almost sends the colour to our cheeks, the duet makes us feel like we are eavesdropping on a private conversation, but supported by a single layered yet intriguing soundscape. ‘Vanilla’ is taken of the Brighton-based electro pop duo’s debut EP ‘Cake’ which was released earlier this month. It’s an upbeat and laid back ode to exploring how passion and excitement fuel the flames of a relationship. “Sonically, it is an experimental, alternative pop fusion of jazzy chords, electronic bass and soaring harmonies.”

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