New videos: Blaudzun and Demons Of Ruby Mae

Blaudzun – Real Hero

Dutch alternative pop rock artist Blaudzun doesn’t do anything by the book, and with his newest release shows that there is still so much for us to learn from the eccentric musician. ‘Real Hero’ takes on his previously proven success formula; strong vocals, stellar compositions and an undeniable catchiness that bring Blaudzun’s music to life and make it impossible to get out of your head after listening! Both song and video show everyday heroes, ‘real heroes’ that bring a smile to our faces and bring back our lust for life when it’s hiding in a dark corner.

‘Real Hero’ is very personal for Blaudzun, he explains why: “I wrote the song with the severely ill song of one of my best friends in mind. It has become a tribute to him, to his sister and his parents. At the time I wrote ‘Real Hero’ we were still hopeful that he would overcome the disease, but sadly things turned out differently. Last November, I sang a stripped-down version of the song at his funeral.” Despite the heavy story behind the song, ‘Real Hero’ radiates positivity with energetic guitar lines and soothing synths.

Demons Of Ruby Mae – Alright

We continue radiating positivity with Demons Of Ruby Mae’s new single and video ‘Alright’. The duo released their new and honest song ‘Alright’ nearly two weeks ago, resembling a sound a la War On Drugs. ‘Alright’ is an infectious alternative rock track with a rough video that showcases an unadorned human struggling with emotions and other people, video and single compliment each other wonderfully. There is honesty, fragility and euphory, all brought together in a nearly three minute long release.

Its vocals have a hint of roughness, its soundscape is simple yet positively repetitive. “I don’t need anybody, I like you in my life…” makes us guess and wonder what the message behind ‘Alright’ could be, but has us ending up translating the lyrics into a story we have lived ourselves. It is the thing I love most about well-written music; being able to make the story your own.

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