By George – Handsome Hobo

North Carolina-based alt rock outfit By George have released another new and anthemic single, ‘Handsome Hobo’ is their latest offering and it plays upon the success formula many indie bands have used and are currently using. ‘Handsome Hobo’ is for lovers of filthy guitar riffs and rough vocals. Mix an overall tranquil sound with psychedelic rock and scuzzy compositions and you have exactly what the four piece represents. It’s a controlled chaos and a regulated experiment that, even though not truly inventive, is very effective in its simple catchiness.

Fuse indie pop with guitar rock and you get a sound similar to that of Night Beats and TOLEDO, By George bring their story of teenage experiences in a loving and simply understandable way! “Written from the perspective of a teenager having his first experience with a girl that he is romantically into, maybe even infatuated with, all else seems to melt away when they are together. As they ignore their parents to hang out without any worries, they throw around the word “love” and think they have their lives all figured out. They plan to stay together forever and they hope to ride off into the sunset. However, the euphoria is broken for a passing moment when a wiser figure asks “What if she left today?” and asserts that she will be forgotten in due time while he moves on.”

‘Handsome Hobo’ is one of the tasters of the upcoming album ‘The Life Of Guy’, a concept album that tells the story of a man balancing struggles we can all relate to, dealing with purpose and identity. “It follows Guy from birth to death in a unique, inimitable and downright intriguing manner.” We can’t wait to hear it!

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