Nobody – Daydreamer

Alt-pop has a new name, and she goes by the name of Nobody. Fresh off the back of her latest release, ‘Daydreamer’, Nobody sends a shockwave across the scene!

A visionary at heart, Nobody speaks about her daydreaming thoughts through a candid lens. Furthermore, she opens up about the society around us, and she expresses her perception of the world with courageous quality. She is not afraid to get her thoughts off her chest, and she does it seamlessly from the get-go.

‘Daydreamer’ starts with a chill overture, and the synth echoes around Nobody’s vocal opener. The music is synchronous with Nobody’s vocal movement, and the sounds pick up in volume, as does the vocal as it progresses. It flows with ease, and it catches us off guard with the melting point arriving when we least expect it; it is a clever approach to keep us on the edge of our seat. 

In the midsection, the track opens up with an eclectic range of new elements rising to the top of the mix. Furthermore, the layered synths get a whole new lease of life, and the drums build a momentum that is difficult to shake off once it gets into full swing. Likewise, Nobody gets even more profound with her message, and she cements her narrative with no dissonance. 

Towards the closing stages, a harmonious non-lexical vocable arises, which adds to the piercing sentiment of the track. It plucks at the heartstrings and does not let go. Additionally, Nobody adds even more depth with her leading hook. You can take a listen to ‘Daydreamer’ by Nobody below. Also, be sure to follow Nobody on her official social media accounts.

Words by James Davids

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