Rum for Breakfast – My Whole Heart

‘My Whole Heart’ is into Rum for Breakfast‘s latest release. A smooth Americana-inspired indie pop rock track with grand crooning vocals and a simple soundscape is the perfect introduction to Machiel Scholten’s alias. The Dutch singer songwriter and musician started releasing music in 2017 and seems to have found his sound. ‘My Whole Heart’ was written during Machiel’s internship in Panama and is an atmospheric and soothing track that paints the picture of the difficulties of long distance relationships.

It is open-hearted and emotional yet sounds light-hearted and fun in a simplistic and ‘enjoy life as it comes’ kind of way. “Relationships can become a choke-like grip you got on each other. This song is about the doubts I had about my relationship and what I wanted in my life.” His sound is comforting in the way that most of us have had these doubts before, and Machiel translates those feelings beautifully in a song that makes it sound okay to have such feelings. Rum for Breakfast has also found his way to our ‘promising artists’ list!

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