Palma Louca – Us and Them

Newcastle local up and comers Palma Louca made their statement with previously released single ‘Stationary Life’ and are now back with single ‘Us and Them’. It’s their slow paced and well-produced soundscape that sounds like a slowly developing thought needing to be brought to life that makes Palma Louca such an interesting band. Carefully chosen hooks and changes within both soundscape and vocals, combine those with vocals harmonies and partly spoken vocals and what you get is an ever exciting and ever changing song.

Singer and guitarist Joe shared some information about the lyrics of the song: ” ’Us and Them’ focuses on the relationship between two strangers. Each verse presents the perspective of the two participants, demonstrating how infatuation can take a hold of someone. The track attempts to set an uneasy scene of obsession, culminating in a narrated bridge section.”

That uneasiness is heard in the at times almost hesitant vocals and the laid back soundscape, it’s an artistic way of translating this message and we think it has been done brilliantly. Hopefully there will be an EP or album of sorts soon and in an ideal world we’ll be seeing Palma Louca live again this year!

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