Instant Curtain – Reverse In The Sand

‘Reverse In The Sand’ by Instant Curtain has to be one of the most compelling prog-rock tracks to leap out of the scene in recent times. It is an exciting release from the get-go, and within the first seconds, it is evident that the ride will be thrilling; it does not disappoint!

The release opens with a guitar lead which boasts an unusually unorthodox tone. The band take influence from the likes of Genesis and Rainbow Face, and the overture reflects their admiration for the greats. However, it is not a mirror reflection, and it stands out like a proverbial thumb but for all the right reasons. 

Massimo on the vocals is red-hot, and he captivates with his timbre pushing through the mix with an atmospheric quality. His performance is inviting, with warm colours leaping out of every note. However, his message is somewhat complex to follow, and it isn’t easy to get onto his lyrical level. But, he sounds delightful and presumably, he speaks about the struggles in which many experience daily while using ‘Reversing In The Sand’ as an analogy for obstacles. 

Nevertheless, the entire track is a treat. Also, the clever use of structural change keeps ‘Reverse In The Sand’ from developing any form of predictability. Instead, it is constantly reinventing itself, and it pays off with a unique soundscape that is a testament to the groups quality as innovators. 

Words by James Davids

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